You Probably Have Some Questions?

What will I be able to do?

How will I be tested?

How will I be graded?

How is this class different?

What's next?

What are MY goals?

Students come to world language classes with such varying language skills and knowledge levels. All come with some trepidation.

I hope and want my students to use this new language as a bridge to know more about our neighbors; those friends we have yet to meet who speak Spanish whether they live in our community or somewhere else in the world.

Nos vemos!

Mrs. Barbara D'Amico, Spanish Instructor

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The Spanish Language Program at St. Ignatius is a tailor made program with each student from kindergarten through fifth grade receiving approximately 
60 minutes a week with an elmentary Spanish teacher. Middle School Students study Spanish three times a week for a total of 120 minutes a week. 

A variety of instructional techniques will be used in order to provide students with many opportunities to learn and practice the language. These include, speaking practice, partner work, individual assignments, video review and response, group projects, and impromtu and formal presentations.